one more time with feeling

So another attempt to try and write something. My dad would always tell me to chronicle my life regularly. Especially now that I have moved to the USA three years ago, he’s  on my ass to document my thoughts feelings and perceptions.

Bah. I’m fucking lazy. Who cares. I mean I know why he is saying it and why he is right and why I should but screw it. I’m lazy and I know it. I don’t love it though. GAwd I wish nothing more than not being lazy. It’s the bane of my existence. Self discipline is the one superpower I constantly wish for. Or I would if I had the self discipline for it. Anyway.

So here, after some sex with my girl friend I was suddenly inspired to write something and so here I am ruining my circadian rhythms again at 2 in the morning. I mean I like staying up late, like 4am, but then it screws with everything else.

This is really irksome because I do my best work at night. I’m Batman. No I’m not. Mind you, I don’t do a lot of work by any stretch of imagination, but whatever I do, if it turned out to be remotely useful there’s a good chance that it was done between the hours of 10PM and 4AM.

Unless there was a deadline and my ass was figuratively on fire. Sometimes that doesn’t work either.

And I have to edit CSS Style sheets just to change the fucking font on this blog.

I wanna change it to Fruitiger, which is easier to read according to some latest research.

Anyway, moving back from this pointless drivel to my earlier pointless drivel. So, here I am, sitting buck-ass naked listening to my desktop’s fan, in the dark, feeling hungry, typing away, because this is something something which is good and will be useful something something.

Bla bla bla.

Unemployed. Getting my fifth migraine in as many weeks.. I felt bad about the unemployment today cuz I wanna bye a bicycle but I can’t just go and buy a 500$ one because. Mucking through craigslist for used ones or going to walmart instead of a proper shop for proper fitting is a pain in the you know what.

I wanna drink some coffee but then it’ll keep me up until the wee hours so fuck you and fuck you too. Don’t have any decaf. I drink that so rarely that it didn’t seem right to waste money on it. Of course now that I don’t have it I want it.